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The study room Desk Booth AOG is a 9-minute walk from Kamimizo Station. The bus stop is in front of Hoshigaoka Residence.

Bicycles can also be placed at designated locations on the premises.

3rd floor, 3rd floor, 3-33-6 Yokoyama, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa 252-0242

E-Mail: admin ■

Please change ■ to @. AOG operator


Self-study room Desk Booth AOG

In front of Hoshigaoka Residence for Kamimizo Station

Bus stop, opposite the road

Star Hills Building 3rd floor

All floors.

For security lock

Before applying for a free trial

You cannot visit the study room.

自習室AOG | 星が丘住宅前 | 上溝
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