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Magic Calculator Modrill Download

Magical calculation modrill  Download 18 sample questions

Author: Hiroyuki Ito (Representative of Justy Learning Study Group, Policy Committee Member of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Midori-ku, Sagamihara City)

Born in 1981, born in Mie prefecture, lives in Sagamihara city, Kanagawa prefecture

Completed Tokyo Institute of Technology and the same graduate school. Currently an office worker, father of two children.

Thinking about how to make the eldest daughter in the second grade of elementary school acquire computing power,

From my hobby, I made a series of teaching materials on new methods of studying math.



・ "Pyramid Kei-san" who can climb addition and subtraction

・ Cupic puzzle called "Kakeko □" that trains multiplication tables and logical thinking

・ As a compilation of the four arithmetic drills, "Magic Calculation Modrill" and "Healthy Brain Modrill" introduced in this book.

・ "Simultaneous slots" for junior high school students to train their ability to operate mathematical formulas through simultaneous equations

  * Keisho Seminar is used for junior high school and high school exams.



Publisher, Where to Buy: Justy Learning Study Group

2130-609 Shimokuzawa, Midori-ku, Sagamihara 252-0134  FAX / TEL: 050-3488-3741

Mail: gomi3@hiroyuki.main. JP (Please change to alphabet)

Special support price until the end of March: 400 yen for students, 500 yen for adults (tax included, shipping not included)

90-200 problems in one book. The number of questions varies depending on the series.


You can also apply from LINE. Friend applications are also welcome.

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