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​Self-study indoor landscape photo and reservation number

The self-study room Desk Booth AOG in Sagamihara City requires a reservation.

スクリーンショット 2022-03-31 16.27.48.png

3 types of seats to choose from

470-354 (9).jpg


Width 800mm

Depth 700mm

At the cafe, I feel at ease for a long time.

In the library's study room, there is a competition for seats.

Anyway, it's cheap, but I definitely want to take a seat.

* Economy that you can always sit on with advance reservation *


200 yen / hour (student price 100 yen / hour) * Student = 22 years old or younger

Unlimited monthly fee 6000 yen ~

Eco plus1.jpg
Eco Plus2.jpg

* Private room booth with blackout curtain Economy Plus *

400 yen / hour

(200 yen / hour under 22 years old)

Unlimited monthly fee 12000 yen


  • Qualification exam, now is the time to attack. I want to get rid of all the thoughts and concentrate.

  • I want an environment that is invisible to the surroundings because I work with a high degree of confidentiality.


* Centralized room with individual air conditioning Remote meeting room *

600 yen / hour (up to 4800 yen on weekdays)

(22 years old and under: 300 yen / hour (up to 2400 yen all day)


  • I want a separate room because I work with a high degree of confidentiality.

  • I want a study where I can read slowly by myself.

  • I want to expand the materials and work.


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