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​Q & A FAQ Table of Contents

自習室 | 相模原、自転車置き場

Is there a bicycle storage area?

Is there a car parking lot?

What is a study room?

What is AOG?

How is it different from other study rooms?

自習室 | 無料お試し 相模原

Please tell me the procedure of free "trial use"?

Can I specify the seats in the study room by myself?

Can I use it without reservation due to sudden use?

Can I use a computer?

Can you listen to music?

There was a noisy person, what should I do?

自習室 | 相模原 支払い 勉強

When do you pay the usage fee?

How do you pay in cash?

How do you make a bank transfer?

​Q & A Frequently Asked Questions

Sagamihara Self-study Room AOG  Bicycle parking lot / parking lot

Do you have a bicycle storage? Place
The bicycle storage area is for one parking lot on the left side of the building. If the car is full, please use Yokoyama Park or Kamimizo Station bicycle parking lot.
(Never stop outside the frame or on the sidewalk.)
Is there a car parking lot?
There is no car parking

There is no car parking. There is a pay parking lot within a few minutes' walk, so please use it.

The parking lot of Times, a business supermarket, is the closest toll parking lot.

駐輪場 自習室QA

Sagamihara Self-study Room AOG  About self-study room AOG

自習室 塾より成果
What is a study room?
Self-study room  Introducing AOG

A 9-minute walk from Kamimizo Station in Sagamihara City, this is a study and work space.

We will lend you an hourly fee for a fee.

Unlike the library, we reserve seats in advance by making online reservations.

A quiet and focused environment motivates you.

大学受験合格の自習室 AOG
What is AOG?
Achieve your goals with "A", "O" and "G"!

DeskBooth AOG's concept is "Achieve my goals".

I wanted to support it, so I established a self-study room.

A: Achieve "Achieved! 』\

O: One's   "everyone's"

G: Gole "Goal"

​ Collectively it will be AOG!

How is it different from other study rooms?
Deferred payment, full time billing!

Only the entrance / exit card fee is 1000 yen, but

No expensive admission fee is required.

When it becomes unused with a prepaid ticket etc.

You can also reduce unnecessary expenses.

​ The student fee has achieved the lowest usage fee.

AOGについて 自習室QA

Sagamihara Self-study Room AOG  About self-study room trial

What is the "trial use" procedure?
You can try the AOG study room for 3 hours.

Please apply from the [New Member Registration] button. 

Please come to the room after coordinating the schedule with the manager.

The first 3 hours are free.


If the number of people in the room is small, please use the vacant seats.

You can also try it at various seats.

As a general rule, you will be asked to make a reservation, so if someone enters the room and has the same seat, please give up your seat.


When you stop using it, put the card in the envelope provided by AOG and put it in the envelope.

After leaving the room with your card, please post it in the AOG mail box on the 2nd floor.

You can also return it by mail.

お試し 自習室QA

Sagamihara Self-study Room How to use AOG room

Can I specify the seats in the study room by myself ?
Set from a computer / smartphone

Specify the seat number when making a reservation online.

If you want to change your mood while using AOG's study room,

Please cancel once on the net, then rebook and move.

Can I use it without reservation due to sudden use? Field
Please make a reservation after entering the room

Self-study room AOG card If you are waiting, you can enter AOG without reservation.

Please take your favorite seat indoors and then make a reservation on your smartphone.

(Please make a reservation)


If you do not make a reservation, another person can get the same seat at the same time, so those who come later may feel uncomfortable when using the seat.

It is a rule to make a reservation before using it so that you can use it comfortably, so please cooperate.

Please note that reserved seats with labels cannot be used.

Can I use a computer?
You can bring your own laptop, but please take the following measures against the sound.

① Turn off the voice.

(2) Installation of silent type keyboard, keyboard cover, etc.

Also, lay a towel or urethane pad under the PC and consider the surroundings such as key touch sound.

Can you listen to music?
Of course, no problem!

Please listen with headphones so that there is no sound leakage.

When you feel happy, you will be more efficient in studying and concentrating on your work.

​ However, be aware of the slight sounds that you make, as well as the sound leaks.

There was a noisy person, what should I do?
Please contact the study room administrator by email

If you have any problems with your studies, don't talk to them directly.

Please contact the AOG administrator by email.

Please email us with the date and time and the seat number of that person. The administrator politely contacts the noisy person.

Sound leaks and soliloquy are often not noticed by the person himself / herself.

You won't notice it yourself, so that person will be pleased.

使い方 自習室QA

Sagamihara Self-study Room AOG   Payment of usage fee

When do you pay the usage fee?
Next month payment

Please pay for one month by the 10th of the following month.

​ Please confirm the detailed payment deadline in the billing email.

We will email you the usage time and fee at the beginning of the month.

You can choose cash payment or bank transfer.

​How do you pay in cash?
You can make a deposit when using the study room

There is a wall-mounted safe inside the AOG.

Write your name on the envelope and post it through the opening.

​ (If you don't know the location, please ask by email)

​ If the manager is present, you can hand it over.

How do you make a bank transfer ?
Please transfer to the bank account to contact

Please transfer from ATM or online bank to the bank account to be contacted by e-mail.

Please pay the transfer fee at that time.

使用料金 自習室QA
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