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Working space

Self-study room Achieve One's Goal

Please use it as a working space for starting a new business or starting a weekend.

If you already have an office, you can use it as a second office.

Utilization of business matching site

The side business is from searching for needs online.

The mainstream of new business is personal computer work.

■ Programmer

Java, PHP, Ruby, Python

Languages such as

■ Web designer

Web application and EC site construction

Oracle Certified Java Programmer Qualifications Also Advantage

■ Professional

Obtain qualification by intensive study

Tax accountant, administrative scrivener, scrivener, etc.

Work that can be done individually


Web sales site

AOG provides support information on entrepreneurship.

(Please understand that we do not provide direct sales support)

The largest match between professionals and companies

App development, HP production, design, writing

Photographer, cleaning, Handyman, tax accountant, etc.

Housewife's home worker utilizes gap time

​Work from home / work from the spot or one day a week

​Side business matching site that is easy to register

This is the site actually used by AOG users.

First, let's start with small jobs.

Also for finding a freelance business partner

You can use it.

Free and cheap sales tools


Sales tool information

Service introduction to Sagamihara city (registration free)

The largest Facebook in Sagamihara  community

​Cloud-based free homepage (AOG is also Wix)

Cheap flyer production company (print AOG flyer)

Cloud-based, cheap accounting software

Station poster production

(Preparing to publish AOG poster at Kamimizo station)

Reserved seats available

Monthly use of AOG secures fixed seats.

Every day from 5:00 to 23:00

Fully reserved seats are dedicated to business.  

Self-study room AOG to challenge

自習室 | 勉強椅子 | 相模原市 上溝駅

Keep your body

Office chair

Itoki PRAO

High back

​ Lumber support

​ Elbow pad

AOG's membership / reservation management systemUsing the SELECT TYPE service

The usage time is calculated in conjunction with entry / exit management.

Use of AOG address

A business base in Sagamihara City

You can use the address.

AOG usage

Please request from a normal application.

After using for a certain period of time, as an incubator long-term contract

Business support such as address use is also available.

​ Details will be sent by email.

(In some cases, it may not meet your expectations)

There are no meeting rooms or parking lots, so you can use outside facilities.

​ Please use it.

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