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​Challenge to university entrance exam mock exam

At Desk Booth AOG, a self-study room in Sagamihara City, you can study individually.

In addition to the red book of the mock exam, we also recommend the web mock exam that you can do just by bringing your computer to AOG.

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University entrance exam mock exam popular website

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University Entrance Examination Path Navi Obunsha (free)

Conducting a mock exam that can be taken on the Web

"Scoring result" for each examinee

Immediately provide "pass / fail judgment"

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Study supplement  Recruit 980 yen / month

14-day free trial

Lecture videos of desired school measures and center test measures

Extensive content with abundant mock exams

03 03

Toshin High School Past Question Database (Free)

Browse past questions from 185 universities, including national and private universities, for free

Published for 24 years of university / center exams

Breaking news will be released from the day after the entrance examination


Akamoto website

National university entrance examination series

Red book of center test

Let's challenge the production with fulfilling trends and countermeasures


Desk Booth AOG Akamoto in the study room

"Akamoto" is an indispensable item for university entrance exams.

It is reckless to study for entrance exams based only on your own deviation value and university ranking. Your precious time is wasted.

I decide the type of job I want to do in my life, and then decide on the university and faculty from among them.

The quality of the four years of college life varies greatly from one university to another.


Introducing 4 Steps using Akamoto to AOG.

Step1 Goal setting

Grasp the target university from the "Current Student Message" and "Passing Experience".

It is recommended that you visit the university at the open campus or at the school festival. You can see the difference between universities including circles, and it should be a lifelong experience.

Step2 Solve past questions

University entrance exam questions have different tendencies depending on the university.

In the red book, the "trends and countermeasures" are clearly described. Not only by giving an answer, but also by analyzing the problem as intended, you can see the answer that the university is looking for.

It is also a big addition to take the re-question of the past questions.

Step3 Take measures

The analysis reveals weaknesses and areas of weakness.

Learning efficiency varies greatly depending on whether you have a specific learning plan or not.

Since we cannot afford to lose in business, we divide it into long-term plans and short-term plans. Let's do the same.

Step4  Repeat the actual battle practice

The atmosphere is different between normal study and the actual exam. In order to demonstrate your ability in production, it is important to allocate time according to the problem and to answer in a shorter time.

The way to Gole is to repeat the practice test using the red book in a quiet AOG according to the test time.


We also respond to requests from users for red books at the university.

Please note that you may not be able to purchase depending on the time of your request.


Utilization of Web question site from self-study room

There are many ways to study, but getting a good teacher will help you to understand and grow faster.

So why not use the question site by utilizing the WiFi in the study room? Of course, it's all free. .

If you don't know what you want to find by searching the internet,

If you ask a question on the site, an answer will be returned in a day or two.
Try a new questioning method, post on the question site and wait for an answer.


It is the largest user-participation-type wisdom sharing service in Japan.

Feel free to ask questions and get a feel for the answers quickly.


You can ask questions for free on a site that specializes in studying.

The tutor etc. politely replied the answer from the problem,

The feature is that there are many answers that show the essence of learning, such as asking questions and wanting to improve students.


People in the turnup

40% are the third person in Japan in the University of Tokyo imitation test. Mathematics / Society / Chemistry
15% are teaching English at a prep school
15% are professionals in junior high school guidance
13% consists of active mathematics graduate students

There are still various sites.

To use your study time efficiently and not leave any doubts, we recommend the question site on the Web. .
Problems such as figures that are difficult to explain in short sentences can also be taken with a smartphone and posted. .

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