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​Qualification exam Challenge to career advancement mock exam

You can also study for qualification exams for career advancement in the self-study room, Desk Booth AOG.

See popular qualifications to improve your business.

Effective for career advancement

Popularity exam ranking

1st place TOEIC® test

2nd place Building lot and building transaction chief

3rd place Nissho Bookkeeping Test

4th place SME doctor

5th place Social Insurance Labor and Social Security Attorney

6th place Financial planning

7th place  Administrative scrivener

8th place Microsoft certified

9th place Mental health management test

10th place Project management

11th place IT passport

12th place Hazardous materials handler

13th Information Security Specialist

14th place Basic information engineer

​Career Advancement Mock Test Popular Test Website

01 01

TOEIC test mock test

Studying TOEIC! Test your skills online

Let's challenge the production after knowing the ability

02 02

Residential land and building transaction chief

Qualification to show a real estate transaction expert (homebuilder)

You can buy and sell real estate and mediate rental properties,

Advantageous for real estate related work

03 03

Nissho Bookkeeping Test

A gateway to national qualifications such as certified accountants and tax accountants

If you pass, you will be eligible to take the tax accountant examination.

Immediate force in accounting and finance. Can handle corporate accounting

05 05

Social insurance labor consultant

Handles social insurance, pensions and labor management

Experts who value people in personnel and labor

Active in corporate labor, personnel, and general affairs departments. Many practitioners

06 06

Financial planning (FP test)

Advisors according to each person's valuable assets

Savings / investment plan planning / management skills

Qualifications for the financial industry such as banks, securities companies, insurance companies, etc.

08 08

Microsoft test (MOS test)

Popular qualification with high recognition among personal computer qualifications

Word, Excel, etc. required for company work

You can take 5 subjects

1 1

IT passport (i pass)

All working people and students who utilize IT

Prove basic knowledge about IT that you should have

National qualifications useful for all employment

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