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Self-study room Desk Booth AOG

Can be downloaded  Original study planner

The AOG original study planner comes with a brief description.

Please download and use the free PDF.

Please download the EXCEL version and customize it freely.

Study planner PDF version


GM wakes up in the morning: Good Morning

GN slept time: Good Night

Good sleep leads to more efficient study.

Let's be careful about health management until the actual examination!

Study planner EXCEL version

The original study planner in the study room AOG comes with instructions.

Even if it's free, it's EXCEL, so there are many things you can do.

■ Daily usage

I add one page every day and use it.

Then you can manage including the previous records.

The old days can be found by searching in EXCEL.

■ Let's set ourselves

・ Prefer cell colors and fonts

・ Change the name of the item

-Expand the size of frequently used cells.

(Make unused cells smaller)

Please compare it with the notebook version.

You can even set details similar to business goal management.

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