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Desk Booth AOG

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Study, self-study room, working space, Sagamihara



Students pass the school of their choice

・ Study style that suits you

・ Set goals by self-management from the cram school

・ Set your own study plan

Mock test​ Strengthen weaknesses with "Akamoto"

Working people realize their dreams

・ Obtain qualifications through intensive study

・ Training to see the place of business

・ Preparing to change jobs to advance your career

・ Starting a business by an advisor

■ Realization of new work style 

・ Remote work for corona countermeasures  

Creation of high output in a relaxed environment

Closed space is also ideal from the viewpoint of concealment

​Member registration

After registration, the administrator will contact you.

Please come to the study room after adjusting the date and time.

I will hand it on the spot.

Self-study room Desk Booth AOG


AOG's membership / reservation management systemUsing the SELECT TYPE service

The usage time is calculated in conjunction with entry / exit management.



Trial use ... Free for up to 3 hours (please contact us)
Membership registration: 1,000 yen, usage fee: 200 yen / hour ~
Locker ... 1,000 yen / month

Wireless LAN (Wifi) ... Free power outlet ... Free


After applying, we will inform you by email.

Monthly fixed plan

Seat free course ... Economy 6,000 yen / month Economy plus  12,000 yen / month Semi-annual contract course ... 1,000 yen / month ~


AOG  Achieve One's Goal

Achieve One's  Goal

We provide a desk booth that can be used with peace of mind by monitoring SECOM 365 days at a low price.

Students taking university entrance exams, getting housewife qualifications, business person office work, etc.

Anyone who needs a self-study room where they can concentrate can use it.

​ * Those who are junior high school students or younger need the consent of their parents.

Self-study room all seats, complete reservation

Register the seats and hours of use from the reservation form before using.


365 days a year

Secom security

Remote speaker in case of abnormality

Instant conversation is possible with

Auto lock type

24-hour security camera

Emergency notification device


Usage flow

Member registration (same day)

Issuance of entry card

Reservation / use

(Free for the first 3 hours)

Billing / Payment


- Member registration -
Please apply from the [New Member Registration] button.

-Issuing an entry card-

Please make advance adjustments for your first visit.

(E-mail, LINE, DM of each SNS can be anything)

It will be issued on the spot in the manager's office.

When handing it over at the manager's office, please show the confirmation documents.

If the schedule does not match after adjustment,

We will send it by mail only for the person.

Only the person can receive the mail, and confirmation documents are required.
(Health insurance card, Individual Number Card, passport, driver's license)


-Trial use-

Please use it after receiving the entry card.

The first 3 hours are free.

The expiration date is one month after membership registration.

Please make a reservation before using.

If you want to continue membership after trial use, please use it as it is.

If you want to stop using

Please make a request and return your membership card.

Cancel your membership registration.

-Reservation / use-
Please make a reservation from the reservation site and visit us to use it.


-Billing / Payment-
The usage fee from the 1st to the end of each month will be charged in the following month.

Please pay by wire transfer or cash. ​

The monthly fixed plan is prepaid.

Please see the price list for details.


​Member registration

After registration, the administrator will contact you.

Please come to the study room after adjusting the date and time.

I will hand it on the spot.

Self-study room Desk Booth AOG

​Q & A Frequently Asked Questions

自習室 | 相模原、自転車置き場
自習室 | 無料お試し 相模原
自習室 | 相模原 支払い 勉強

Is there a bicycle storage area?

Is there a car parking lot?

What is a study room?

What is AOG?

How is it different from other study rooms?

Please tell me the procedure of free "trial use"?

Can I specify the seats in the study room by myself?

Can I use it without reservation due to sudden use?

Can I use a computer?

Can you listen to music?

There was a noisy person, what should I do?

When do you pay the usage fee?

How do you pay in cash?

How do you make a bank transfer?

自習室 AOG

User's voice

自習室 | 無料お試し 相模原

​Students / examinees

01 /

Long business hours

Since the business hours are long, I bring in food and drink and relax.

There is a handmade bakery nearby.

Seven-Eleven is a few houses away.

(high school student)  

02 /

I am happy with free Wifi etc.  


Free Wifi that can be used on smartphones and PCs is helpful.

I received an email to inquire about membership, but the next day I was contacted and resolved my payment questions.

I couldn't figure out how to receive the card on the homepage, but it was easy. (high school student)  


06 /

You can concentrate more than at home

I will go on to International Christian University from spring. Although I fell into my first choice, I am personally satisfied because it was a university with a high degree of aspiration. The existence of AOG was very big for me, who was a desperate wanderer who couldn't concentrate at home.

In March, I forgot to study and played hard, so I rarely used it, but when I enroll, I plan to go back to study at university. Thank you very much until now. (Ronin)  

03 /

​Don't be fooled by the temptation to play

You're less tempted to play than at home.

Having other people gives me a subtle sense of tension and allows me to concentrate on my studies.

Sometimes there is no one, and at that time I feel graceful.

Various people are working and studying, and I feel like I want to do my best.

At a cafe, you can't stay for a long time, but you can study without worrying about time. (Ronin)  

04 /

​Study time where you can concentrate

I was able to sharpen my study time.

A study room that is a bit different. The owner came from time to time.

When I'm out of focus, I'm out on the large balcony.

Quiet and less distracting than Ario.

(high school student)  

05 /

The desk is wide

The desk is wider than other study rooms, and the space is high, so you can create your own space.

It seems that the number of users is still small, and there are often no one in the seat next to it.

(high school student)  



01 /

​Use as a study place

Recommended for those who do not have a place to study for qualification.

Not all students are there, and although there are few, working people are also coming, which is encouraging.

I mainly use it at night. There are times when no one is there at night, and I'm especially happy when I can occupy it.  

(Qualification study)

02 /


Amazing quietness


It's surprisingly quiet and everyone has good manners.

I like the spaciousness and the good taste of the interior.

It is said that movable chairs and tables can also be used, so I take it outdoors and take a break.



03 /

The air is comfortable

I use it as a second office.

A large air purifier is always in operation, making it a comfortable space.

The toilets are separated by gender and are like a hotel.


04 /

Music makes the tempo of study

I am studying while listening to BGM music through headphones.

We focus on songs that are bright and fantastic, and match the content of the study.

In the study room, a calm time has passed.

(Qualification study)

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